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Create Beautiful Exteriors for Your Home with Our Stone Cladding

If you want to provide your home with natural beauty, our stone cladding is an ideal option. Our team understands the ins and outs of advanced stonemasonry and will always provide the best results while saving you time and money. Choose Melbourne Stone Construction and get the stonemasons you deserve.

Benefits of Using Stone Wall Cladding on Your Home

Here are a few of the benefits you will always experience when you opt in to use stonework cladding on your walls:

  • Stonework cladding is exceptionally durable. Since you will most likely install it as an external cladding, durability will always be of utmost importance. The stone we provide will last for years and will not break or chip as easily as some other products.
  • Stonework provides the versatility everyone needs. Whether you want to decorate your walls, redo the fireplace inside the house or want to ensure your pool has a beautiful edge, we can do it all with stonework cladding.
  • Stonework cladding is a timeless option if you want to add beauty to your home. When installed by the right team, there is no questioning the beauty of the product, and the best part is, it will remain that beautiful for a long, long time.
High Quality Stonemasonry
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Additional Services We Can Provide When You Need Natural Stone Cladding

Below we put together a quick list of services we can provide to you in addition to sandstone cladding:

  • We can provide you with an exceptional range of domestic stonework services to ensure your home has the look and feel you have always wanted. We can help with dry stone walls, stone entrances and designs, wood fire ovens, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, stone steps, or even stone facades.
  • We have the necessary team size and experience to assist with much bigger commercial stonework projects. Whether you need bridges, estate entrances, commercial fireplaces, granite cladding, or feature stonework, we can take care of it.
  • We can provide you with high quality retaining walls. Our team understands the particulars of the industry and will utilise their experience to design the best retaining wall fit for your property. Once designed, we get to work and install it flawlessly.

Why Trust Us When You Want Beautiful Slate Cladding

Our team brings more than 12 years of experience to your property to ensure the best results on every job. We take the necessary steps every time to ensure we do not miss a single detail before getting to work and will always work closely with you to deliver the results you expect. We also provide reliable assistance if you have any questions for us, so do not hesitate to reach out and ask.

The next time you need stonework done around your property, you should come to us. We have a history of satisfied customers and would love to add you and your project to our showcase. Call us today, and our team will run you through the process before providing you with beautiful stonemasonry.

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All Forms Of Stonework

Melbourne Stone Construction are the experts in all forms of stonework – from large scale commercial projects to intimate indoor fireplaces.

Professional Team

We offer a large professional team who can complete all aspects of specialised commercial & residential stonework. There’s no job we can’t handle.

The Highest Quality

We pride ourselves in providing only the highest quality in stonemasonry and commit ourselves to the highest standard of hard work.

Personalised Service

We will personally work with you to design and create the perfect stonework feature for your own home paradise you and family will love.


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