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There’s little that compares to sitting in front of a fireplace on a cold, winter evening with a cup of coffee, surrounded by family. Stone fireplaces in Melbourne have a reputation of being practical with a degree of visual appeal. Melbourne Stone Construction is a masonry contractor that possesses the knowledge and skills to build all sorts of structures in both a domestic and commercial setting.

Benefits of Stone Fireplaces

If you had to look around, you’d find stone in almost every visible structure. Some buildings and bridges contain stone, and it has stood the test of time. The Great Wall of China and Stonehenge are two examples of structures that have existed for thousands of years, purely created by stone. For this reason and others, people decided to use it for their fireplaces.

  • When you include stone in your fireplace, you can expect a warm and cosy atmosphere—the rustic nature of the material projects and inviting appeal. Furthermore, stone retains heat and radiates it longer than any other material. As a result, your home will remain warmer for longer.
  • Previous use of stone in multiple settings provides an example of the durability of the material. If you consult a professional stone mason to install your fireplace, it’s highly likely that it would outlast you and probably your house.
  • There is little doubt about the sophistication and elegance a fireplace adds to a home. It’s a practical addition, especially in areas where it gets frigid in winter. Apart from the fact that your guests will love sitting around the fireplace, it also attracts the gaze of potential buyers should you ever consider placing your house on the market.
High Quality Stonemasonry In the works
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What Sets Melbourne Stone Construction Apart Regarding Stone Fireplaces Design

Our team is highly skilled with stone masonry and as such, deliver exceptional results with every project. Regardless of the size of the project we’re faced with; we ensure that our work leaves our customers with a sense of satisfaction.

  • We offer you our extensive knowledge and experience in the field, especially when we’re in the design phase of your stone fireplace. Since the fireplace will be intact for years, we make sure to complete the job according to your requirements so you and your family can enjoy it well into the future.
  • Our team is capable of handling commercial projects that include stone pillars, retaining walls for estates, bridges, estate entrances and more.
  • We’ve completed well over 600 projects with more than 200 different clients, but the one thing they all had in common is that we exceeded their expectations. High-quality work is the cornerstone of our operation, and we continue delivering on this front.

About Melbourne Stone Construction

We have been operating for over 12 years and have quickly developed a reputation of being the preferred mason around. It is a family business, passed down through generations, and as such, we’re highly focused on providing old fashioned customer service and workmanship.

Our affiliation with various building associations is evidence that we’re serious about our work. Contact us if you’d like to install a stone fireplace in your home.

High Quality Stonemasonry

All Forms Of Stonework

Melbourne Stone Construction are the experts in all forms of stonework – from large scale commercial projects to intimate indoor fireplaces.

Professional Team

We offer a large professional team who can complete all aspects of specialised commercial & residential stonework. There’s no job we can’t handle.

The Highest Quality

We pride ourselves in providing only the highest quality in stonemasonry and commit ourselves to the highest standard of hard work.

Personalised Service

We will personally work with you to design and create the perfect stonework feature for your own home paradise you and family will love.


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